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Wholesale Adjustable PVC Skipping Jumping Rope with Private Label

Product System Parameters

Jump Rope System Parameters:

Product NameWholesale Adjustable PVC Skipping Jumping Rope with Private Label
Material:ABS Handles + PVC Rope
Color:Custom Color
Logo:Custom Logo
Delivery time:(1)7-10 working days-for existing products
(2)10-15 working days-if need customized logo
OEM Service:Yes
Certification Available:Yes
Packing details:Poly Bag+Carton
Production Capacity:100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Term:L/C,T/T,D/P,PAYPAL,Trade assurance
Function:lose weight , burn fat

Product Description

Jump Rope Description:

Most consider a good long jog to be the ultimate form of exercise. Yet, jumping rope is known to have some benefits over running. Because the body's weight is distributed on the balls of the feet when landing, jumping rope is less stressful on the knees and ankles.Jumping rope has a lower-impact on the joints and lessens the chances of injury.

This type of exercise is great at building cardiovascular stamina. The entire body will benefit, including the arms, shoulders, legs, and wrists. Jumping rope also builds coordination and precision. Boxers are well known for jumping rope in order to improve footwork. Even mixed martial artists use jump ropes to compliment their regimens.

Jumping rope does not require much. A single piece of very inexpensive equipment, and an area to jump is all a user needs. Just you alone and a small space. Grab a rope, and go.

1) Skipping method is used before the soles of the feet takeoff and landing, can not remember the toe or heel landing, so as to avoid brain shock, when jumping in the air, not extreme bending the body, and become the natural bending posture. Jump, breathing naturally rhythm.

2) Hand rope method hands respectively hold the rope ends, usually with a foot hold of the rope, arms elbow will arm lift flat, the rope was straightened at suitable length.

3) Rope swinging forward swing, big arm near the elbow slightly on both sides of the body, the upper arm abduction, the approximate level, wrist force for rotation abduction, the hands circle action in the side of the body, and each swing once, the rope from the back up and down, swing a week, the rope. Speed and hand rope is proportional to the speed, shaking more quickly, then the rope swing faster.

4) Stop rope forward roll, kick out, before the soles of the feet off the ground, heels make rope stopped at the footbackward roll, then after a foot, heel, sole on the ground, so that the rope stop in the soles of the feet.

5) Should be gradual exercise.Start practicing rope skipping, action should be slow to fast, from easy to difficult. All kinds of action learning first single rope skipping, and then learn more complex or group of people jumping rope skipping movements.

Here are some of the brilliant benefits:

1. Easily adjustable length to fit both kids and adults.

2. Conveniently lightweight for perfect portability.

3. Improve speed and coordination.

4. Use the tried and true exercise of jumping to improve your fitness level, build strength and endurance and lose weight.

Jump Rope Application: