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Spiky Double Massage Ball

Product System Parameters
Product NameDouble Massage Ball
Color:Customized Available
Size:63*126mm or Customized Size
Logo:Custom Logo
Delivery time:(1)7-10 working days-for existing products

(2)10-15 working days-if need customized logo
OEM Service:Yes
Certification Available:Yes
Packing details:Poly Bag+Carton
Production Capacity:50000 Piece/Pieces per Month 
Payment Term:L/C,T/T,D/P,PAYPAL,Trade assurance

Product Description

Spiky Massage Ball Description:

Imagine yourself feeling totally relaxed, pain and stress free after a long hard day. SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND MONEY and HAVE AN INSTANT PAIN AND STRESS SOLUTION available anytime and anywhere! Afford it quickly with our Massage ball foot rollers. You will love and enjoy the Best massage therapy with our physical therapy Balls!

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The solid rubber construction is designed for many benefits: 

When the balls need cleaning simply soak them in soap water for a few minutes, thoroughly rinse and air dry.

It is also known by various names, including massage ball, yoga massage ball, foot massage ball, hand massage ball, spiky massage ball, deep tissue massage ball and therapy ball. It can also be used inphysical therapy and athletic training, with below functions:

1. Experience a full body and muscle relief

2. Enhance body awareness

3. Correct bad posture

4. Reduce joint stiffness

5. Improve flexibility both in individual muscles and large muscle groups

6. Increase blood flow to local areas, which in turn can improve blood circulation

7. Spiky Balls are used to soften the muscle and help to relieve muscle tension in specific areas of the body which is causing niggling pains. They can also release the Fascia especially in the foot.

Spiky Massage Ball Application:

Spiky Double Massage Ball