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Five Tips To Keep You Away From Fitness Misunderstandings 1

Apr. 26, 2019

As a Spiky Massage Ball Supplier, let's talk about some of the pitfalls of fitness.

1. Insist on exercise with illness

It is often said that fitness is important in persistence. You can't fish for two days in three days, so you don't care if you have a small soldier. You still insist on going to the gym. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. During the illness, the body's immunity and resistance will decline. In this case, it is easy to cause more damage to the body.

2. Exercising tired smoke

Exercise itself can cause a lot of physical energy consumption, especially anaerobic exercise. As the exercise progresses, the heart rate increases, the breathing speeds up, the blood circulation is faster, and the lungs and whole body tissues absorb harmful substances. The inhalation of these substances It will bring more damage to human body function and tissue than usual smoking. After inhaling carbon monoxide into the body, the carbon monoxide competes with oxygen for hemoglobin content, which makes the vital tissue of the body aggravate, resulting in reduced exercise capacity.

3. Only love running

There are many kinds of fitness equipment in the gym, and there are often a group of people beside the treadmill. Other strength training devices do seem to be a door to the door. The type of exercise is too single and is not conducive to the improvement of physical fitness. In the aerobic exercise, some should be carried out. Anaerobic exercise, so that you can do more with less.

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