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Classification Of Fitness Equipment

Apr. 20, 2019

As an Exercise Balls Exporter, let's briefly introduce the concept and classification of fitness equipment, which will help you locate your goals. Fitness equipment is a special equipment used to improve physical fitness, increase physical function, perform physical exercise, basic sports training and general rehabilitation exercises. The functional fitness equipment is classified as follows:

First, from the performance of fitness equipment can be divided into:

    1. Cardio equipment. For example: treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical running machines, steppers, rowing machines, etc. These devices are mainly used for aerobic exercise, so that you can achieve weight loss, disk array maintenance and other health, especially for heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. The disease has obvious preventive effects.

    2. Anaerobic training equipment. Such as dumbbells, barbells and single-station, two-station, three-station, five-station and other comprehensive training machines. These devices are mainly used to grow muscles, shape the body, reduce ligament passivation and muscle atrophy.

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    Second, from the object of construction during the construction period, it can be divided into:

    1. Home fitness equipment. The horsepower of this type of treadmill is between 1.5 horsepower and 1.5 horsepower. The effective running area is between 35cm and 48cm wide and between 115cm and 145cm. Exercise bikes and elliptical machines generally have internal and external magnetic and external power supplies. More functions have been added to allow the muscles of the whole body to be exercised, but in order to save costs, the household power type generally uses a thin steel tube.

    2. Professional gym equipment. Due to the high frequency of use of gym equipment, this requires an increase in the strength of various components.

    3. Unit gym equipment. Mainly for hotels, government agencies, enterprises and institutions in order to facilitate the fitness needs of internal staff.

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