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Dietary Misunderstanding of Fitness and Weight Loss

Sep. 05, 2019

The body's metabolic capacity is a very important role in weight loss. Once your metabolic capacity is out of order, whether you are practicing in a gym, reducing calorie intake, or just eating vegetables, these will not be for weight loss. kick in. Therefore, it is really important to have a good metabolic capacity, but we will have a lot of eating habits during the weight loss process, which affects this ability. Next, the Fitness Soft Medicine Balls Factory will work with everyone to understand and avoid these eating habits.

Misunderstanding 1: Do not dare to eat meat

A lot of weight-loss exercisers will understand from an intuitive point of view. Eating meat means long meat, so after eating hard, they don't dare to eat any meat, resulting in excessive loss of body muscles and a decline in health.

Misunderstanding 2: Do not dare to ingest fat

The intake of exogenous fat is an important cause of the body becoming fat, so the most taboo for weight-loss people are fat. Especially the female weight-loss people are talking about fat discoloration. Usually, the fat in the diet is not enough to eat. It is very painful to eat every time. In fact, not all fats cause obesity. On the contrary, some fats are beneficial to promote the metabolism of body fat.

Yoga Massage Ball

Yoga Massage Ball

Misunderstanding 3: Can't eat before and during exercise

Most people think that it is not advisable to eat before exercise, but it cannot be generalized. If you feel the body needs, it is okay to eat something properly. In addition, drinking a cup of water is more conducive to exercise. During exercise, the body's blood circulation is accelerated and the water consumption is too much. It will feel thirsty and hot, and can properly replenish water, but not overeating.

Misunderstanding 4: Eat more nutritional supplements to improve fitness

In fact, for most healthy adults, supplements are not needed at all, and they fall into the trap. Dozens of nutrients needed to maintain a healthy state of life are not available from the supplements and can only be obtained from a variety of foods that are eaten every day. Eating more nutritious supplements can cause new imbalances in nutrition. For example, excessive intake of certain vitamins and minerals can have negative effects and damage health.

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