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What Is The Strength Training Method For Yoga Balls?

Jan. 02, 2019

The first one: dynamic support.

The main method is to roll the image back and forth on the Fitness Yoga Ball and do push-ups. This has a great effect on the muscles of the thighs.

The second is: the upper abdomen.

The main method is: lying on the ground, legs hanging in the air with Workout Balls. Then both hands take turns touching the knee. Exercise the contraction of the abdomen and legs. It is really tired, and persistence has an effect.

The third is: split your legs.

The main method is: press one leg on the Workout Balls, and the other foot supports the body to squat down, waiting for the next turn to change the ankle.

The fourth is: arm flexion and extension.

The main method is: holding the Workout Balls in both hands, doing the posture of throwing stones, lifting them up and putting them down again.

Fifth: Russia rotates.

The main method is: the waist is pressed on the Workout Balls, the hands are suitable, and the waist muscles are stretched left and right.

The sixth: the arrow step and turn.

The main method is to hold Balance Balls in both hands. The foot is doing a lunge. Let the ball move horizontally left and right.

Seventh: push-ups.

The specific method is: hands hold the Balance Balls to form a certain angle. Do push-ups.

Eighth: Lower belly.

The main method is to lie on the ground and use the heel to hook the yoga ball back and forth. Exercise your leg muscles.

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