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Five Tips To Keep You Away From Fitness Misunderstandings 2

May. 09, 2019

As a Fitness Soft Medicine Balls Factory, we continue to share tips to keep you away from fitness mistakes.

4. Usually do not exercise, weekend madness

Many office workers will have such a situation. They have not been able to participate in sports for various reasons on weekdays. They are mad at the weekend and comforted to go to the gym. However, such an increase in the amount of exercise, in addition to may cause acute damage to muscles, ligament strains, etc., may also cause chronic damage to other organs, exercise should be gradual.

5. In order to reduce fat, hungry belly movement

Satiety exercise is harmful to health, and fasting is also unscientific. Fasting exercises can cause "sports hypoglycemia" and increase accidental injuries. Eat some digestible things before exercise, such as bananas and sports drinks.

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do you know us?

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