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Method Of Exercising With Exercise Resistance Band Loop 1

May. 20, 2019

As a Gym Chest Expander Manufacturer, we have a summary of how to use the elastic rope to exercise to share with everyone.The elastic rope may be a bit strange to everyone. In fact, it has the same effect as the elastic band and has a significant effect on exercise strength.

Sitting in a stretch rope to lift the leg. The body sits on a yoga mat, legs are straightened and close together, keeping the upper side of the buttocks supported, arms straight forward, hands holding the elastic rope, and the other ends are placed on the soles of the feet. Raise your arms and lift your legs. During the process, the resistance of the elastic rope is freely adjusted, and the foot does not touch the ground, so it is repeated.

Exercise Resistance Band Loop

Exercise Resistance Band Loop

Sitting position elastic rope lifts the hip outreach. This action is an extension of the last action. With the help of the elastic rope, the arms and legs are lifted at the same time, the back arms remain motionless, the legs stretch to the left and right sides, the legs are close together, and then back The initial posture, the foot does not touch the ground, and so on.

The sitting stretch rope is alternately pressed down. The body sits on the yoga mat, the upper side of the buttocks is supported, the arms are straightened up, the legs are lifted straight up, the abdominal muscles are forced, and the Exercise Resistance Band Loop is supported by both hands and feet to maintain balance. The arms are not moving, the legs are alternately pressed down in a straight state, and the buttocks muscles are forced against the resistance of the elastic rope.