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Precautions For Using The Resistance Band Loop

Feb. 20, 2019

During the fitness process, the Fitness Resistance Loop Bands can be adjusted according to their own preferences. You can practice from the horizontal direction behind you, or you can fix it on the top. The training mode is richer than the dumbbell. It can also increase the strength according to the length and quantity of the rope, which is very challenging and interesting.

It turns out that changing the exercise mode often can get better fitness effects, but some people prefer a certain sport, but in order to improve the fitness effect, they have to consider making appropriate adjustments. At this time, many people think of changing sports. Moves to improve indoor fitness, then you can use a pull rope.

The Resistance Band Loop Manufacturer gives you some tips for using the TPE Resistance Band:

1. Regular inspection, because the tension rope has a service life, generally 1 year, if the gym is generally 1 quarter, so the safety hazard of the tension rope is found in advance to prevent accidents.

2. Avoid sunshine, avoid contact with chemical solvents such as alcohol and gasoline, and clean it after use. Apply silicone oil properly to extend the service life of the tension rope.

3. When fixing, choose a professional fixing strap, fix it on a firm object, and pay attention to lock the door when fixing it in the door seam.

4. Regarding the limit of the tension rope extension, the extension length of the tension rope is up to 6 times, and it is recommended to use it within 3 times.

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