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Precautions For The Use Of Yoga Balls

Mar. 19, 2019

Yoga ball, also known as fitness ball or yoga ball, is a ball sport tool that fits sports and fitness. The material is mostly made of soft PVC material. As a Half Yoga Ball Wholesaler , Bingehua will give you a talk about the use of yoga balls.

PVC Yoga Ball

1. When filling the PVC Yoga Ball, fill it with “eight-point full”, so that the ball body is more flexible, which is convenient for clamping and gripping.

2. PVC Yoga Ball is available in a variety of sizes. Beginners can use small balls for easier control. In general, large balls are easier to maintain balance, small balls are lighter, but not easy to balance.

3. When playing yoga balls at home, you can put a towel on the floor to keep it clean and not easy to slip.

4. Although it is not easy to be injured when using yoga balls, it is necessary to pay attention to balance, especially for difficult movements such as wheel type. When restoring, be sure to hold it by hand.

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