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Four Training Methods For The Resistance Band Loop

Mar. 06, 2019

In the season of leaking legs, the classmates of Aimei will move up quickly. Today, the Exercise Resistance Band Loop Exporter tells you about the use of ordinary tension bands.

1, standing on the shoulder (similar to the action: dumbbell press) target muscle: deltoid, triceps

Action essentials: (1) Simultaneous referral: step the rope under the foot, stand on both feet, hold the handle on the shoulder, palm forward, chest, inhale, exhale while lifting both hands up to the arms straight, but Keep the elbow joint slightly flexed. Inhale and return to the starting position. If you want to increase the difficulty, use a parallel standing position and step on the rope with your feet. The tension of the tension rope is enhanced.

(2) Alternate referral: Prepare the posture to stand on the shoulder and push the movement with one hand.

2, the front flat (similar action: flat before the dumbbell)

Target muscle: deltoid toe

Action essentials: stand on two feet in parallel, step on the rope, hold the handle on both sides of the body, raise your head and chest. Inhale, exhale, both arms are lifted forward to the ground level, inhaled and restored.

Upright rowing (similar action: barbell upright rowing)

Target muscle: deltoid toe, trapezius

Action essentials: Stand with both feet in parallel, step the two ends of the rope under the feet, grasp the middle of the tension rope with both hands, the distance between the two hands is about 20 cm, raise the chest, inhale, exhale and lift the tension rope to the lower jaw at the same time. Inhale down to reduce, pay attention to the whole process, the two hands are close to the body, feeling the force is to raise the elbow joint.

3, side flat lift (similar action: barbell straight rowing)

Target muscle: bundle in the deltoid muscle

Action essentials: Stand with your feet back and forth or in parallel, step the rope under your feet, hold the handles on your sides, raise your chest, and lean forward. The arm remains slightly flexed, inhaled, and the abductor arm is exhaled. When the elbow joint is at the same height as the shoulder, the inhalation is restored to the initial position. When doing this, you should think about lifting your elbow joint instead of your hand, which makes it easier to find the feeling of contraction of the deltoid muscle. This exercise is a good exercise for the deltoid muscles.

4, lean over the side of the flat (similar action: dumbbells bent to the side of the flat)

Target muscle: the back of the deltoid muscle

Action essentials: stand with two feet apart, bend your knees slightly, bend your hips and keep your back straight, put the rope under your feet, pull the rope on your feet, hold the handle with both hands, keep the elbows slightly flexed, inhale, exhale at the same time Raise both hands to the sides until it is parallel to the ground, and inhale and return to the original position. This exercise strengthens the posterior bundle of the deltoid muscle and the rhomboid muscle in the middle of the trapezius muscle. This Exercise Resistance Band Loop action can also be done with one hand. It is even more challenging to use the eight-character rope.

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