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Warm-up Exercises Before Fitness

Aug. 07, 2019

Warm-up and preparation activities before fitness are just to avoid the wear and tear of our joints caused by high-intensity exercise and to reduce the damage of ligaments and muscles. In fact, we only need to spend 10 to 20 minutes to do warm-up exercise before the fitness, the action is not too complicated, the amplitude is not too big, this is just to allow us to better participate in fitness training. Then the next Yoga Ball Manufacturer will introduce what warm-up exercises are suitable for everyone.

The first thing is, of course, our stretching activity. The main thing about stretching is that we can stretch and stretch our muscles and increase the softness of our body. This is necessary for our next training.

This is not only a preparation activity before fitness, but also can be stretched at any time in our daily life. This can stretch our muscles and ligaments, which is most beneficial to the health of our bones, increasing our softness and relieving. Relieve the pressure that life and work bring to us.

Natural Resistance Band

Natural Resistance Band

After we have finished stretching, we can do the following general squats and open the muscles of our buttocks for our next training.

Proper sit-ups can also help us relax our muscles. It is also good preparation for exercise. “Wake up” our sleeping abdomen in advance and let it “serve” our next training program.

Next, you can increase the intensity of warming up, tell us the muscles of the whole body with high legs, "wake up", it should move, but this is warming up, so it doesn't take long.

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